Experience and Method

Our many years of experience have taught us, what it involves being unemployed. We know that unemployment has greater consequences for the individual than for society. Therefore, it is neither passionate nor politically correct to state that having a job is a human right. Its common sense.

A counselling program with us will always be tailored to your individual needs and competences. We help to get your job hunting process going. We follow and support when necessary, and challenge you, when that is what's required. 

We Have Opinions

At AS3 Employment we have opinions about what we do. We have opinions about our working partners, our candidates, our employees, our working environment, to our fellow human beings - yes, to society in general. It is our opinion that everyone has a responsibility to do their best, and to deliver the best quality possible. In our opinion, knowledge is the basic element in our quality and this is how we create understanding, trust, and respect.

Focus on Quality

We know that when we as people deliver quality, it positively infects our surroundings and our selves. In our opinion we are here to help create the framework, but it is the individual's responsibility to achieve the results. This applies to quality, well-being, cooperation, education, job hunting, and much more.

You can sign-up for all of our courses through your local job centre. For more information