as3 employment What we think – and what we want

We at AS3 companies have specialised in advising in the handling of changes in the workplace since 1989 – we see this as our mission. We call this Job Transition Management. Common to all our business areas is that they focus on different aspects of work related changes.

Our entire range of services is based on the organisation's three core values: that we are proper, business-oriented and long-term

For us, being proper means that we are honest, empathetic, respectful and that we can communicate well with one another, with our participants and our customers. 

For us, being business-oriented means that we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and that we make an actual difference to our customers, partners and participants. 

For us, being long-term means that we base our business on long-term relationships, evidence-based concepts and solutions. This also means that we continuously keep ourselves updated on the subject field and the industry in general – so as to also be able to provide the best possible services in the future. Our desire for long-term also means that we constantly deliver the highest quality possible.  

We work to deliver a service adapted to the needs of the individual. Therefore, our promise – both to ourselves and to our customers – is:


We are also there for one another within our organisation. We feel committed to our promise – something that requires us to be aware of one another – so that we can make a difference.

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