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Is your company thinking of hiring but not entirely sure that you have enough work for a new position?

Every year we help more than 2,500 Danish companies get potential new employees into jobs, flex-jobs, work experience or wage-subsidized jobs.

Together, we will achieve twice as much

By accepting a candidate for a wage-subsidised job or a work placement, your company will have the opportunity to take a good look at the candidate prior to any normal employment. The advantage of a partnership with AS3 Employment is that you will have contact with candidates who have already been matched to your need in advance before you were sent a CV or meet them for an interview. Studies suggest that companies who assume a social responsibility and help unemployed or sick people towards jobs with wage subsidies, work experience placements or job trials are able to strengthen their CSR, their local anchoring and future opportunities for the recruitment of the qualified workforce they need.

Our focus is always that it should be easy for your company to engage in a partnership with us.

Therefore, we ensure the right match of candidate for your company. If desired, we can also participate in the job interview.

We also handle the work involving documents and forms for the job centre. We also make sure that you only have one contact person with us. The contact will be on board throughout the entire process and is ready to help and answer questions if something should arise during the programme.

In simple terms: The only thing your company needs to do is to sign up and use some of the time it has saved on ensuring a good programme for the new employee or intern.

“It is easy for us. We only receive CVs that are already matched to suit our needs. And when a candidate begins at the store, AS3 does all the paperwork” Bo Otzen from BILKA Odense

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