About AS3 Employment
We at AS3 Employment have exclusively specialised in advising to help people to get ahead in the labour market since 1989.

Our experience

We have extensive experience and expertise in work-related advising of participants with different backgrounds, starting points and wishes. Through various co-operations in the entire Nordic region, we have implemented a number of different initiatives and programmes. All of our advisers have a wide educational background and experience from their working life. This means that we can provide a team that has both the professional conditions and personal qualifications to be able to help you get ahead in the labour market.

this is how many people we counselled in the Nordic countries during 2014.

Our quality concept

Common to all of our advising processes is that quality is of the highest priority. For us, it is essential that our advising is always of high quality and that as a participant you experience working with us as positive. An important part of our quality concept is among other things that we start all of our processes by mapping out the expectations you have of the cooperation with us.

Focus on results and customer satisfaction

We at AS3 Employment focus on the effects and how satisfied our customers are. To ensure that we always meet our quality requirements, we investigate regularly how satisfied our participants are with our methods. This is conducted by giving all of our participants the opportunity to respond to an online questionnaire. Using the evaluations, we always keep ourselves up to date on the participants' evaluations of our methods and processes. We use the evaluations in our internal quality assurance and discuss them with our advisers. In this way we can quickly change our advising as required.

The AS3 Portal

All participants at AS3 Employment will receive access to our web-based portal. The Portal collects everything you need for your job hunt in one place – 24 hours a day.



We work based on psychological transition theory – human reactions to changes – that was developed by Kurt Lewin, Edgar H. Schein and John P. Kotter, as well as practitioner William Bridges, among others. The transition theory also forms the basis for our Transition Coach training as the first of its kind to be accredited by EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).